M7A2 small business machine ideas


Main Features

1) Big Diesel Engine Power ,don’t need 3 phases electricity .

2) Equipped with mixer itself and powered by hydrulic pressure .

3) Can be towed to working site with truck or car .

4) Soil and cemnt as raw materials ,saves cost of per block .

5) Blocks interlocked each other from front and back ,top and bottom 4 directions  .


1.small business machine ideas M7M2

is a special equipment for producing clay interlocking brick by cement, clay, sand, fly ash, quarry dust and other materials.

1) This machine has two type,diesel engine and electric motor.Diesel type, no need any electricity, suitable for the country without power.Electric type is more suitable for the country which electric is not too expensive.
3) Brick with special interlocking design, convenient for building and stronger structure.
3) Original South Africa machine design.

M7M2 with two work platform, can produce two kinds of different bricks at the same time.
M7M2 with twice productivity of M7MI, but need twice workers at the same time.

2.The curing for the equipment

  1. The equipment maintenance
    (1) Add the oil strictly according to the standard requirement, and it should be adopted NO.46 hydraulic oil when the temperature is lower. And it should be adopted NO.32 hydraulic oil when the temperature is higher.
  • Check whether the hydraulic system is overflowing the oil every day. If it is overflowing, please handle it in time.
  • Keep the equipment clean every day, to make the machine clean without left raw material and other dust, etc.
  • Check the mould box and the upper mould indenter, if they are not in good condition, and please adjust the 4 bolts outside the static pressure room until it is in right position.
  • Check the filter in the hydraulic station every month, and if the filter is dirty, it must be clean or changed. The oil must be changed if there is any other dirty additive in the hydraulic oil.
  • The hydraulic tank should be clean every 3 months, and change or filter the hydraulic oil.。 The seals of hydraulic oil tank should be changed one time every year.
Specifications of M7M2 clay manufacturing machines for small business ideas
2300Overall Dimension L*W*H
Hydraulic System Pressure
14-20 Mpa
Total Weight
Molding Method
Hydraulic Pressure
Total Power
Chamber Quantity
Daily Capacity (8 Hours )
With Mixer or Not
Mixer work method
Hydraulic Pressure
Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume
Applicated Product
Solid Interlocking blocks



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