Brick Maintenance Method

Brick maintenance method :When produce the blocks, need a cloth to cover , not drying in the sun , also don’t let the rain and snow shower 2. Sprinkle water twice a day, in the morning and evening time, need to cover cloth after sprinkle water 3 .maintenance about 1-2 weeks, if the maintenance time is long, the quality of the brick will be better.

Hydraform Hydraulic Block Machine ;

Mobile Brick Block Machine;

Clay Interlocking Block Machine


hydraform manual super m7mi hf engine 20122 ver2.pdf
1.The visual test -Brick maintenance method
Dig a hole 1m deep
Look at the different soil layers
Does the soil look sandy or does it have lumps?
A.if it is has lumps and cracks in the soil then there is clay.
B..if it is very sandy then dig deeper to find a more clayey soil.
Do not use topsoil
2.take some soil in the hand,pour water on it and rub and squeeze it.
Does it feel gritty or soapy?

A.if it is gritty there is a lot of coarse sand.
B.If it is soapy then there is clay.
Wash the hand with water,if soil washes off easily then it is mostly sand or silt.
If it is difficult to wash off and leaves colour,then there is a lot of clay.


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