QT40-3B movable hollow cement building material machinery



QT40-3B movable hollow cement building material machinery, is one kind of new production of our company that synthesizing the advantage of both hydraulic and machinery, meeting the requirement of customer from the target market of oversea, basing at the principle of smaller investment with higher machinery property and it is specifically for the oversea market sale.

The machinery system of this equipment supplement each other and the operating of it is very simple. It can make the production of bricks without pallet, so it save the investment of pallet purchasing.

The major vibration form of it is mould vibration, which can make super vibration influence with small power. With the pressure of hydraulic system, it makes the raw material adding adequately and compacting adequately. The production of it could compare favourably with the production produced by the larger hydraulic machine.

Note whether there is concrete stuck between the bottom of the mold and the core. If there is adhesion, it should be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the appearance quality of the product. Clean the mold once a day and oil it for a long time.

Main technical specifications of movable hollow cement building material machinery:
product quantity 400×200×200 mm
Power 7kw
Cycle 45S
Weight 1500KG
Shift Capacity 3500
Overall Size 1700*1500*1700mm
standards GB/T8533-2008


Size(LxWxH) sample Pcs/Mould Pcs/ Hr Pcs/ 8 Hr
600x300x150mm 4 500 4000
600x250x150mm 4 500 4000
900x250x150mm 2 300 2400





重量 610 公斤
尺寸 1450 × 1500 × 1650 厘米



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