QMY6-25 adobe movable brick machine laying



QMY6-25 adobe movable brick machine laying is one mobile brick machine.based on foreign advanced technology and process,our company research and development mobile hydraulic brick machine, the brick machine has great advantage as follow:

1.advanced Technology : the whole design process consider principle of integrative reconciliation and the internal structure of a rational order,so the machine have great technical advantage,it adopt several new technique,such as box excitation,hydraulic discharge,omnidirectional automatically movement

2.High quality:the whole machine is adopted high quality steel,and precision welding,the hydraulic system use high-quality components,so it have a longer life and less fault during work.

3.Low investment,high efficiency:this machine have several function features,such as low price,reliable performance,easy to operated,stable,more efficient,high output,low power consumption.the brick it produced have high density,high strength,accurate dimensional.

QTM 6-25 is our popular block making machine, it can produce various blocks, such as hollow block, solid block, pavement block, hourdis block, curbstones, by changing molds.

This machine can make 6 pcs 400*200*200 mm bricks per mold, 864 pcs per hour, 6912 pcs 8 hours.
QTM 6-25 is movable block machine, it’s very convenient.


adobe brick machine laying

Adobe movable brick machine laying of QMY6-25

 Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mold Pcs/Hr Pcs/8HR
400*100*200mm  9 1080 8640
400*150*200mm  7 840 6720
400*200*200mm  6 720 5760
400*250*200mm  4 480 3840

adobe movable brick machine laying adobe movable brick machine laying

adobe movable brick machine laying




重量 4500 公斤
尺寸 3500 × 2000 × 2450 厘米



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