QMY2-45 block machines for small businesses


  • Its advantages: small size, light weight, small investment, as long as there is lighting power supply can be produced, when the work space is insufficient, can change the site production at any time. Disadvantages: Due to manual demoulding, labor intensity is high.



QMY2-45 block machines for small businesses  is one kind of small sized block forming machine, which is developed by combining the advantage of many other block forming machines into one.For this machine spring buffer pressing device is adopted to reduce the wear-down to the machine.So it is quick in product forming , high in product density and strong in pressing power.
After remolding people can stand on the brick .With this machine, consumption of materials can be reduced. It is an ideal choice for small & middle investors.
Direct operate on the cement floor, no need of pallet, a lot of cost would be saved.

Features of block machines for small businesses

  • Different types can be constructed according to the requirements of engineering construction of different kinds of bricks.
  • This brick making machine price in sri lanka is an ideal equipment for medium and small sized block manufacturers.
  •  The service life of this machine can be largely prolonged.
  •  Lower power can realize superior vibratory effect.
  • The machine can be used to produce different types of hollow blocks
  • . The machine works on leveling grounds without the use of pallets and uses Pu-En lighting power.
  •  Functions

    1. The application of raw materials is extensive,durable and easy to maintain,flexibility.
    2. The vulnerable parts can be
      replaced, not only for maintenance, but also for the cost of mould.
      3. The machine is one kind manual block machine which can produce hollow blocks as well as standard bricks.




重量 220 公斤
尺寸 1200 × 850 × 1140 厘米



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