Soil for clay bricks

Soil Type – soil for clay bricks

Are so many soil types ( land) found in our surface, but we will care about four, that are the most commented in our environment.

soil for clay bricks

Mixed Soil (Land)

Are the most indicated to be used in fabrication of ecological blocks, bricks and floors, since has higher amount of

sand. How bigger the amount of sand better its resistance will be, reaching 90% of sand of mixed of particles. In

nature, most of the soils is composed of a mix different size particles, in other words, of thin grains (cohesive) with

others of bigger granulometry. Your behaviro is directly related to percentages of thin particles existed, in relation

to thick ones.

Is important to say that the mixed soils composed of round and/or smooth particles are more susceptible to

compaction than those compounds by particles with alive or angular edges. However, when comparing soils with

equal grade of compactation, those that has alive particles and/or angular edges (high degree of Roughness)

have higher charge capacity, than compounds by particles of smooth texture, yet that these last show lower


To the mixed soils, must analyze your composition to correctly decide what kind of machine to use, the mixed

soils need an excelent compactation to your mix (compound) to be pressed have a higher economy of cement

and that be easy to make the remove of ecological blocks, bricks and floors of machine, giving a higher economy

in your fabrication and earning excellent resistance.


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